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A move in any urban area is not particularly easy. A beautiful but busy center like that of Groningen is not always easy to access. With homes not on street level, old buildings and the narrow streets with lots of traffic, moving yourself is not the most pleasant option. Fortunately, with Moovyn you are assured of a carefree move to or from Groningen. Annually there are many relocations to and from large cities, and Groningen is no exception. Being affiliated with many experienced and skilled movers in the vicinity of Groningen who can move you to or from the city center, Oranjewijk, Hoogkerk or Noorddijk, Moovyn is the right choice you. All you need to do is to go online and in a few easy steps provide your address and house contents and then pick the moving company with the best fit for your move. We will ensure that the mover arrives together with all the necessary equipment at your door on time for the big day. It is important to note that in Groningen you will have to arrange for a parking permit for the moving company. Need more information? You can find it in our FAQ section. Moovyn will ensure that you are able to enjoy a new chapter in your life!
Do you have any questions regarding relocation to Groningen? Feel free to contact us on our live chat! Available mon to fri from 09:00 tot 17:00

Why Moovyn?

You make the reservation, we’ll do the rest! – Moovyn will arrange all details with the removals company and will even send you tips and helps you prepare for the big day.

You make the reservation, we’ll do the rest!

Moovyn will arrange all details with the removals company and will even send you tips and helps you prepare for the big day

Service past the doorstep!

Our movers even place your precious furniture where you want to have them in your new home.

Free moving insurance!

A free moving insurance is included with every Moovyn-move.

Free packing boxes!

As a thank you for choosing Moovyn, you’ll receive as much high quality packing boxes as we’ve estimated needed for your move.

Get a price instantly!

After you have entered relevant information about your move, Moovyn will calculate the best price for your move by comparing over 50 removals companies that have partnered with Moovyn!

Carefully selected removals company!

Each and every removals company that works for Moovyn has been carefully screened and selected and meets our high quality standards.

Personal support!

Even after you have made your reservation, we’ll send you tips and support to ensure a comfortable move.

Additional services!

Need storage or (dis)assembly of your furniture? Moovyn is there to help! Select the additional services you need at the end of the reservation process

How does it work?

Moovyn will take care of every aspect of your move. How? We’ll show you!


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A phase in your life is approaching and is of course exciting. Wherever you may go and whatever the specifics of your move may be, we’ll be there to help!


Always prepared!

The Moovyn wizard enables you to easily indicate your living situation and your inventory. This way, our movers will be perfectly aware of what will be awaiting them on the big day!


Moovyn immediately calculates your price

Based on the specifics of your move, you’ll immediately provided with a price for your Moovyn move. You are given one clear and fair fixed price, no surprises afterwards.


Make a reservation and we’ll take care of the rest!

Make a reservation and we’ll take care of the rest! - We’ll make all the arrangements with our movers, deliver you the moving boxes and make sure that you can comfortably work towards the big day.


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The movers will be at your door in the morning, ready to transfer all your valuable belongings to your new dream home!


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The time has come to sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new home. Carefree.

We’re here to help you!

We are always happy to answer your questions and hear your suggestions or comments. Do you want to talk to us? Start a live chat with us! The live chat is available from Monday until Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, at this moment it is not possible to perform a partial move, hence you can only book a complete move. We are planning to include this service in the near future.

Moovyn gives you the choice of selecting this option as an additional service.

You will have insurance cover of up to € 100.000,- with € 150,- excess.

Boxes are provided free of charge when you book a move through Moovyn. If you have your own boxes, for example because you moved house recently, you can decide whether to have Moovyn boxes delivered or not. This will not affect the price of your move.

The costs of moving house are made up of various elements. For example, it will vary according to the number of man-hours, distance from your old home to your new home, materials such as boxes and in some cases the option of a moving lift and the insurance. Do you want to know how much your move will cost? At Moovyn, you can calculate your removal costs in 5 easy steps and we tell you which removal company best fits with the details you have provided. You also have the option to compare with other removal companies.

When you book your move with Moovyn, we will deliver your free boxes, to enable you to start packing and be ‘ready to move’ on on the day of your move. The term ‘ready to move’ may not be familiar to someone who does not move on a regular basis and as it will impact the pricing of your move we will provide some clarity on this matter. To be ready for your move, you will need to start to pack and prepare all of your belongings. It may be that not everything will move with you and ideally these items should already be gone. However if this is not possible, these items should be separated form the rest, clearly marked and out of the way. You would have received boxes for the move from Moovyn. Any item that would fit in a box should be packed into a box. This may seem straight forward but in practice could present some challenges. E.g. items like mirrors, paintings, pots, plants etc. will fit in a box, but prevent it from being closed. This is not a problem, there are always some ‘open’ boxes as long as the majority of the boxes are properly closed. The team performing the move will normally arrive early in the morning and generally start in the kitchen and living room. Don’t plan to still do any packing on the day of the move. This will be disruptive to the removal team and will often lead to additional work and hence additional costs. Everything should be packed into boxes prior to the day of the move. This will allow you some time to arrange for additional boxes if required. If you selected to dismantle and re-assemble furniture, fittings on the wall or ceiling, by yourself, please ensure that these are done and ready on the day of the move. Do not forget to pack all the small parts, screws, shelves and dismantled parts in boxes. 'Ready to move’ also means that hallways, garden, driveway and parking space in front of your doorway be clear and accessible for the removal team. As an example, the movers will not carry items between parked cars. Do you live in an apartment with an internal lift? Ensure that you confirm well in advance with the building management the date of your planned move, it could be that there is maintenance scheduled and then the lift cannot be used.

Packing a removal box properly is not difficult, but it does need some attention. Think about: The weight If a removal box is too heavy, it is difficult to move. 25 kilos is the maximum. You really don’t need to put every box on the scales, but if you think it’s very heavy, so will your removal men. What is in it Write the contents clearly on each removal box. It makes unpacking/looking for things in your new home that bit easier. Like the remote control for your TV. You don’t want to spend days searching for that. But, for example, also use 1 box for all the dismantled parts of cupboards and beds and write the contents clearly on the box. You will need to find this box straight away in your new home and it makes it really easy to put your furniture back together. Fragile items A box protects crockery and other fragile items. But not if you don’t pack it properly. So use plenty of packing paper. You can also use newspapers (although newsapaper tends to leave ink behind) or good old kitchen roll. These boxes should always be full. Don’t leave any space for things to move around. For example, always put plates on their sides, just like loading the dishwasher. You can stack mugs, but place some paper between them. Pack glasses carefully and lay them down in the box. Uses extra paper and scrunched up paper to prevent direct contact with the glasses. Write in big letters on the side and the top the box that it contains fragile items. Where is the box going? Boxes are unloaded very quickly at your new home. So the movers need to see immediately where the box should be placed. For example, you can number all the rooms or give them a clear name. Write the same number or name clearly on the box (preferably on the side so that you and the movers can still see it if the boxes are stacked).

At the moment this not not possible, however we plan to offer this service later in the year.

Moovyn can not facillitate a move to or from the Waddeneilanden (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland or Schiermonnikoog)We are constantly working on improving our services and hope to make this possible in the future.

Before the move:

  • Call the local authority and check (for both addresses) whether anything is happening in the street on the day of the move, preventing us from reaching the front door with the removal van (for example a market or road works, etc.)
  • Also check with the local authority whether a parking permit or exemption is required for the removal van and organise this directly.
  • Let your neighbours know and ask them to leave the parking spaces in front of your house free on the day of the move.
  • Park a few of your own or your friends' cars in front of your house so that you can be sure that there is room for the removal van.
  • If friends or family are helping, explain clearly what you expect them to do and when you expect them to be there.
  • Arrange for someone to look after your children and animals. It is better if they are not around on the day of the move.
  • Do not use bags or dustbin liners etc. Pack all your small items into removal boxes.
  • Make sure everything is packed before the day of the move. You won’t have any time to pack on the day itself.
  • When disassembling furniture, number/put a sticker on the parts and place them in a single box so that you can find them again straight away after the move. Alternatively Moovyn offers a Dissassembly/assembly service.
On the day of the move
  • First discuss with the foreman of the removal team what you expect them to do and what friends, who are helping, are expected to do.
  • The removal men are service-oriented. They will help with the move wherever they can. You therefore need to be specific and clear so that they don’t provide a service that you don’t want.
  • Tell the removal men where to put things; you can also use stickers to show where things need to go.
  • Don’t have people in for cleaning, unpacking the boxes, etc. until the removal men have finished.

Boxes are unloaded very quickly at your new home. So the movers need to see immediately where the box should be placed. For example, you can number all the rooms or give them a clear name. Write the same number or name clearly on the box (preferably on the side so that you and the movers can still see it if the boxes are stacked).

Moovyn saves you lots of time, not just because a recognised removals company will handle your move, but also because you can compare suitable removal companies online. No need for you to request separate quotes or get removal companies to come to your home. We assess the extent of your household contents online, and which removal company can best serve your needs.

A home move survey is not necessary. You can enter your situation in 5 steps on the Moovyn website which gives us an accurate picture of your move. This makes a home move survey superfluous.

The sooner you arrange your move with a removal company, the more choice of availability you will have. Most moves happen during the long summer holidays. Removal companies are often already fully booked during this period. So booking ahead allows the planner to reserve the removal men and the van. You are required to book with Moovyn a minimum of 7 days in advance of your move. As soon as you have decided on a date, you can book your removal!

With Moovyn you can rest ussured that your move will happen. This means that your move will always go ahead, even if the removal company you have chosen is unexpectedly unable to move you. Plus, all our removal companies are certified and insured.

Generally speaking, everything that fits in a removal box should be moved in a removal box. Books, crockery and suchlike items obviously, but also larger items such as vases, tennis rackets, posters, soft toys, small shelves, small mirrors, etc. are best packed into a removal box. Why? Firstly, because a removal box provides protection. There is far less chance of damage. But just as important is the ease with which you can move a removal box. It is a lot quicker than moving everything separately. Plus, it is easier to stack boxes in the removal van. Full boxes are easy to stack on top of each other. It means that you use all the space in the van and can ‘secure’ your furniture. A row of stacked removal boxes can be used to protect small furniture during transport.

Moovyn will take care of your box delievery. Boxes can be delivered before 13:00 the day after booking your move during normal weekdays. We can even deliver on Saturdays.

Moovyn is an online service that allows you to organise your move quickly and easily. Moovyn makes it easy for you to plan your move and directly choose the removal company that suits you. Simple!

A few days beore the move you will be informed of the time you can expect the movers. In most cases this will be from 08:00 onwards.

You can ammend details of your move up to the moment of reservation. To make any changes after that, please inform us ASAP.

You can find all sorts of offers with very appealing names on the internet nowadays from ‘people’ or ‘companies’ happy to move you for very little money. Don’t be misled. Of course there are exceptions, but a removal is and remains a profession. Experienced movers have worked to obtain a professional diploma. They use modern equipment, are properly insured and they will definitely turn up on the day of the move. Nowadays we are increasingly seeing cowboys and clubs of students who fail to turn up or postpone the move date at the last minute. This is not good for the image of the removals sector, and sadly is unavoidable. Two young lads can simply rent a vehicle and are able to call themselves a ‘removal company’. What you should look out for:

  • Check the reviews from other customers.
  • ‘Recognised Mover’ or not
  • What is the position regarding insurance during the move?
  • How reliable is the removals company? Is there an excess to pay if you claim for damage?
  • Do they actually have a transport licence?
If a low removal price looks ‘too good to be true’, it generally is! Moovyn is an independent platform where any removal company can register. We check these important points for you first and make the details clear and transparent for you.

You have booked a removal company with a team of movers and equipment. We work on the assumption that the removal van can be parked outside your home and that you have organised parking exemptions/permits. Arrange this in good time too, because sometimes you need to do this a good 2 weeks in advance. Do you live above a shop or in a shopping street? If you do, there is often no parking, and loading and unloading is permitted only in the morning. One possible solution is to start extra early so that you have finished loading or unloading before the shops open. Arrange this properly with your planner. They have experience in this. If a garbage truck drives along your street every week, you can be sure that a removal van can get in as well. Sometimes bollards need to be removed, a street may even need to be cordoned off and very occasionally, the local authority may even need to set up a diversion with boards. This needs to be arranged weeks in advance. TIP Do you live on a busy street? Talk to your neighbours beforehand. Ask for their understanding about the removal van parking in front of their house and explain the disturbance it may cause. Try to reserve 3 parking spaces in front of your house for the removal van. It saves a lot of time if the removal men don’t need to walk unnecessarily far. And if the weather is bad, the last thing you want is to walk large distances.

If you book your move at Moovyn, the move company will also provide an external moving lift, if required. The advantage of an external moving lift is that the move will be carried out in a professional and organised manner. If you need to move heavy furniture to the ground floor with no lift inside, the mover will be able to use an external moving lift. If you chose an apartment in step 2, you will be asked whether there is an internal lift. By filling in the appropriate information, it is determined whether an external moving lift will be required. The decision here is dependent on which floor your home is located. The use of an external lift shortens the overall move time and improves the quality of the move. However it is not always possible to use an external moving lift, here are some general guidelines: External lift up to the 5th floor 

  • You must have a balcony railing and / or a large window that can open.
  • An external lift up till the 3rd floor, may on average be no more than 4 to 5 meters away from the property.
  • An external lift up till the 5th floor, may on average be no more than 6 to 7 meters away from the property.
  • An external lift can not be placed on plants or shrubs and requires a firm surface.
  • There should be enough space to place the external moving lift and be able to walk around it.
  • For an external moving lift up to the 3rd floor one needs 5 m² groundspace and 10 m² for a lift up the 5th floor.
Please note that you have to take care that there are no obstructions such as trees, lampposts and/or advertising boards of shops on the ground floor. Discuss and inform your neighbours & shopkeepers that you intend to place an external moving lift in front of their door, insuring no surprises on the day of the move. Ultimately, the movers will decide, based on safety considerations, if and where the lift can be placed. If in doubt, feel free to contact our helpdesk. If possible, we will we would prefer to receive a picture of the situation so that we can give a better opinion.

Free cancellations are only possible if more than 30 days before the move.

  • Up to 30 days before the move date you pay 15% of the removal price
  • Up to 14 days before the move date you pay 50% of the removal price
  • Up to 7 days before the move date you pay 75% of the removal price
  • Less than 7 days before the date of the move you pay 100% of the removal price
You may find detailed information on the terms and conditions on our website.

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