Van Zijl Verhuizingen
Situated in: Heerde

Van Zijl Verhuizingen is based in Heerde and operates in the Zwolle area. With 3 movers, it is a small removal company, although it is a Recognised Mover. The company specialises in the private home removal market, from small up to complex large private home removals.

Van Zijl Verhuizingen is a well-known name in Zwolle and the surrounding area. For more than 10 years, the company has focused on the private home removal market. Every move, small or large, is given full attention. Moovyn has worked with Van Zijl from the outset. Always read beforehand what other Moovyn customers say about Van Zijl Verhuizingen.


  • National and international removals
  • Dismantling and packing service
  • Upright and grand piano transport
  • Storage
  • Handyman service

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Echte vakmensen ze hebben met extra zorg en voorzichtigheid de meubels in de wagen geladen. En alles liep volgens plan ondanks de afstand hebben ze mij binnen 6 uur verhuisd. 

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